What Are The Best Bicycle Front Lights?

Front lights are indispensable to your bikes during winter, also essential during summer. Good quality front lights not only increase your visibility to avoid potholes but also help road users pinpoint your vulnerable self.

Like other products, there are tons of various brands offering a wide variety of options, that’s why we are writing this post to give you detailed information as well as tips to help you figure out the most suitable one. In this post, we will focus on bike front lights which are more powerful and brighter enable bikers to see where you are going on both unlit roads and rural areas.

Top 5 Best Bicycle Front Lights

NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Headlight

NiteRider Lumina OLED 1200 Boost Headlight

The first product on our list today is one of the most versatile bicycle front lights. It has an OLED screen providing detailed operational information such as the remaining battery. Specifically, when the battery goes dead, the Lumina automatically switch to the lowest setting to conserve the juice.

It has 5 light levels and 4 daylight flash modes (275-1200 lumens). With the water-resistant feature, you don’t have to worry about biking in gentle rains.

It also comes with a lot of other amenities such as QR Handlebar Bracket, USB Charge Cable, and QS Guide.


  • Flexible battery saver function
  • Switching between light modes
  • Affordable price


  • Comparatively heavy

Product Specs

Color Black
Product Dimensions 4.5 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches
Shipping Weight 3.5 ounces
Size One size

Exposure Strada MK10 SL Front Bike Light

This front light has a maximum output of up to 900 lumens, which is enough to ride on dark country lanes. In reality, this output is comfortably bright for most rides.

It has dual lenses, one for road cycling, and another for oncoming traffic. What is more interesting is that its weight is just 135 gam which is much lighter than counterparts available.

Numerous programs offer options of run times and modes so you can easily find the suitable one for your ride.


  • Super lightweight
  • Powerful enough for roads and trails


  • High price

Product Specs

Color Black
Length 100mm
Runtime 2 – 36 hours
LED Configuration 2 x White XPL2



Lite Drive 800XL is a brilliant lamp at a good price – 59.99$. If you are on a tight budget, this Lezyne model is a perfect choice.

With 800 lumens of output, it can ensure bright light both day and night. Moreover, it is so compact and fashionable on your bike.

The rubber mount is fixed as the light and the mount is attached, but it is still very quick and easy to use.


  • 8 modes
  • Long battery life


  • Rubber mount is unremovable

Product Spec

Color Silver and High Gloss
Batteries 1 Lithium-ion batteries
Battery life Up to 76 hours
Maximum lumens 800

Light & Motion Trail FC 1000 Bike Headlight

Light & Motion Trail FC 1000 Bike Headlight

Different from most of the bicycle headlights which are water-resistant, Trail FC 1000 is waterproof in all weather conditions. Besides, it has lots of amenities such as handlebar mount, GoPro Mount, and universal helmet mount.

It is certified to the F1-standard due to its durability, even when you hit or drop it several times, it still feels durable. So you can imagine how fantastic its durability is.

The bright light that Trail FC 1000 provides can light up both road and trail, it can work well in late nights. Moreover, integrated sidelights are added for more safety.


  • Short charging time (2.5 hours)
  • Affordable price


  • Not powerful enough for nighttime trail rides

Product Specs

Product Dimensions 8 x 3.5 x 2 inches
Shipping Weight 8 ounces
Max output 1000 lumens
Batteries  1 Lithium-ion batteries

Gyhuego USB Rechargeable Bike Light Front

Gyhuego USB Rechargeable Bike Light Front

The last name ended our list today is the cheapest headlight – Gyhueho USB Rechargeable Bike light. This model can address most of the biker’s needs such as super bright and adjustable. Its working time is up to 10 hours at 3000 lumens, so it can help that you reach your destination safely at night.

It is also a  multifunctional light, you can utilize it to go fishing, run, camp, and other outdoor activities. Notably, you can have all outstanding features above with just 21.99$ – a price that couldn’t be better.


  • Super affordable price
  • Very bright
  • Long working time


  • The mounting system is not secure

Product Specs

Light 3 white light LEDs
Guarantee 100% money back
Holder 360-degree rotation
Product Dimensions 4.5 x 1.9 x 1.2 inches

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Best Bicycle Front Lights In 2020



Lumens are the unit showing the amount of light emitted from the light. Therefore, lights with higher lumens will be lighter than those with lower lumens. However, it doesn’t mean that the higher lumens of lights are, the better they are as it depends on the areas where you ride.

For lit urban areas, you don’t need much light to illuminate the road ahead due to the street lights, so you should choose front lights with hundreds of lumens (around 200 lumens).

On unlit roads, you should buy a bicycle front light with at least 400 lumens to ensure that you can see road users and obstacles on the way.

Battery life

There’s always a trade-off between battery life and the size of light. For instance, a light with a longer battery life is designed with a larger battery.

For road cyclists and commuters prefer smaller lights to be easily stuffed in their bags. However, some cyclists riding on unlit roads are fond of larger lights due to their large amount of lumens and battery capacity.


When do I need a bicycle front light?

If you ride in low-light conditions such as before sunrise and after sunset, a front light can increase your visibility and help other road users recognize you. A high-quality front light is essential when you ride in the nights and winter days.

Light is essential for side visibility when you come out of a junction, which is useful when you ride in big towns or cities.

Where should I mount my bicycle front light?

Almost headlights mounted on handlebars. They are the most secure location as they aren’t dependent on a snug helmet.

A helmet is also an appropriate place to mount front lights in the case that you want illumination to follow your gaze. Also, a helmet is suitable for your second front light which offers more illumination.


Due to considerable improvement in key technologies including LEDs lamp and lithium batteries, the output is increased and the weight is reduced with brighter light and longer run hours. It’s worth buying a good quality front light to keep you visible and safe in unlit and lit roads. We hope that this post helps you see at a glance at the top best bicycle front light, which would make your buying decision easier.